Monday, February 05, 2007

Making $$ Fast..

Today's society is very different from the society that was 10 years ago. Last time, all we know is to study hard and get a job, and work hard till your retirement. Almost everybody does that, and if you does something different, you are out of league. People will come from everywhere and start telling you its impossible.

But now, the society has evolved in such a way that no matter how hard you work, you are bound to get retrench when your time is up. Well, thats not true to all, but enough to scared most people. Thats the major reason why many people wants to mke money fast so that they can fired the company before they are sacked.

So let get straight to todays topic...Make Money Fast.

Many people ask me how to make money fast, and i tell them...go get yourself multiple streams of income and you will have money flowing in like tap water.

Many young millionaires i heard of are not born wealthy, but they know how to generate many streams of passive income. Incomes that you do not need to be actively involved in.

I know what you are thinking now, so what type of income is known as passive income?

There are many ways to earn yourself a passive income, namely Internet marketing, stocks, an author of a book to earn royalties and many more.

Just from internet marketing you could have a few streams of income. I personally know people who have a few blogs and they are earning money from them. You can also create your own website and sell other people's product or sell your own products.

All you have to do is get a website up and running and you only need to monitor it every few days. Isn't it great to have have money coming in without you doing much? And just for your info, its a 24 hours online salesman for you.

If you are interested, i would be do a blog on internet marketing and how can you earn money without any money!! Thats the best part in internet marketing, you need no to little money for start up.

Lets get into stocks.

Many people go into stock market wanting to make money fast. You can only do it if you have adequate information on the stocks. Normally, I would use stock market as an instrument for hedging against inflationa and earning more than the banks.

Normally, i would review my stocks eveyr half a year and leave to to run. If the market is in good circumstances and the company is in good condition, making money is a sure thing.

How about writing a book? Many people will see writing books as a chore, or maybe people like me don't even know how to start.

I agree its not an easy thing. Fears start ramming into my mind the moment i start thinking of writing a book. And for most people, they see it as no ideas to share or poor writing skills.

No problem, you can hire a ghost writer from elance. This is the place where you can put your idea and people will start bidding to write a book for you. Its that easy. All you have to do is to throw all the information to them and they will combine all the small chunks and merge them into the top selling book for you.

And the next step is to convince a printing company to produce them for you. Simple as ABC. How does that sounds?

Now you have 3 simple ideas, with that in mind, you can have 3 streams of income coming up very soon.

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