Thursday, July 02, 2015

Your Customers Buy with Their Heart

Everytime I walk pass Starbucks, I can't help but always people reading, relaxing, chit chatting. The vibe is always good, no wonder people enjoy hanging around there. I feel happy when I am there too.

If you are in business, many will agree one of the most important things is people don't just buy with their head, they buy most of the time with their heart. The competition in today's marketplace is not for customer's money but for their emotion.Touch the people you serve and they will be back for more. Engage their emotions and they will become your most die hard fans.

Quoting from neurologist Donald Calne "The essential difference between emotion and reason is that emotion leads to action while reason leads to conclusions." 1 key take away I would believe is Human beings moved when their emotions are moved.

How does having the latest Iphone make you feel? How does having a branded Chanel Bag make you feel? You get the point?People go where they are cared for, special and good, People buy from a place of emotional engagement. Seems obvious? Not many put it in good use.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Convert Your Staff

How many of you agrees in order for an organisation to grow fast, they need to be able to grow their leaders as fast? How many of you experienced working in an organisation that wants to grow but their leaders are still staying stagnate?

I believe one of the competitive advantage of any organisations is the ability to grow and develop their faster than their competition. The more quickly you can develop the leadership in every single staff the more quickly the organisation will be able to lead the field. I mean every single staff regardless of position.

A leadership culture is one where everyone thinks like an owner, CEO or Managing Director. Everyone if proactive and entrepreneurial. This will means they focus on getting to solutions rather than on the problems This leads to doing whatever it takes and keep a group of happy customers. In turn, they are concern about sales and the bottom line which they will do their part to reduce cost. Taking personal responsibility for achieving results.

Think about this culture, positive staff who lead by examples. I am not saying everyone needs to do a job of the CEO, everyone starts "leading" instead of doing. I meant the mindset of a leader. Thinking from a leader perspective, acting and working from that personal responsibility mentality. And soon, how big the organisation will get? Your mind, the limit.  

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Steve Jobs and his Question

I am sure many of you knows who is Steve Jobs. He started his billion dollar business in garage during his early twenties. Before he passed on, he is already the leader of 3 separate industries: Music - Ipod, Movies - Pixar, Computing - Mac)

What really gets my respects about him is his Philosophy. Jobs always ask himself this question everytime he is faced with a big choice. "What would I do if this was the last day of my life.?" And there, he met his wife.

He was giving a university address while she was sitting among the audience. He fell for her and approached her for her number. She agreed. He wanted to take her out for dinner that night but had a business meeting. So, he ask himself this magical questions. The next moment, he found himself running back to the auditorium and took her out for dinner instead. They have been together ever since.

Try it for yourself, and maybe you will realise how this questions can change your life. Remember, connecting to the end can keep you focused on what is most important to you before it's too late.